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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Ask and Ye Shall Receive!

Not that I take any credit for it, but it is nice to see this eyesore removed:



Hopefully the architects will create a building that fits into the style and character of the area, and that they don't hire the same design firm that created this gem as their signage:

My question to you is, if you were in charge, what would you like to see go into this small business plaza? Comments below.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Coming soon:

The next local business to be reviewed:
Sanctuary Spa on the corner of Terry Rd. and West Genesee St.

email me any thoughts on the business at baloghblog [at] yahoo.com

First impression - incredible job fixing up that old home on the corner!

Town Meeting last night

I attended the Town Council meeting last night. Two quick points of interest:

1. The Byrne Dairy scheduled to be built in Lakeland seemed to have support among most constituents, despite what appeared to be a harsh tone. The residents that spoke up passionately against the store were more against the hours of operation, and increased traffic on the side streets that would affect local homeowners.

I have to agree - why does a Byrne Dairy in Lakeland have to be open 24 hours a day?!? Will they really be doing that much business from 12-6 a.m.? Shut the lights off, lock up and come in early in the morning again. Sounds simple to me. The issue of safety for residents and workers is a valid issue.

As far as the traffic goes, I don't think that it is realistic or good for the town to try and limit "traffic" on State Fair Blvd. It is the main road into the business district there, and anyone who bought a home on it, must have realized that from day 1. For the side streets, I think that it is a legitimate concern regarding speeding and blowing stop signs, and cutting through into the parking lot. I have to imagine that this could be curtailed with new street lights, increased law enforcement of stop signs and speeding in the area.

I think that if these issues are addressed, then there will be little opposition to a vacant building with no purpose being torn down for the addition of a Byrne Dairy.

2. The town website will be updated soon, and they will be working on getting meeting agendas up ahead of time, so that residents can find out what is up for discussion and vote prior to the meeting, and then have minutes of the meeting afterwards to review.

I left early - It was Valentine's Day, you know... Anything else interesting happen? Any comments?

Thursday, February 02, 2006

New Thread on Geddes Electric Commission

There has been plenty of interest and debate over the idea of expanding Solvay Electric to the entire Town of Geddes area. I will summarize both sides of the debate, and welcome expanded discussion of it. I see merit in both arguements, and to me (so far) they carry equal weight.

1. For those living in the Village of Solvay (and Lakeland):
I think that Solvay Electric is the best thing that the village has going for it, and it is the main reason for me to stay in an area that is taxed higher, and has a lower ranked school (education wise) than Westhill. I don't believe that it should be expanded because all it will do is cause people to leave the village for the Westhill district, and will increase energy rates for those that already have Solvay Electric service.
2. For those living in the Town of Geddes outside the Village of Solvay:
There is no reason that the rest of the town should not enjoy reduced electrical rates that the village currently pays. We should be able to expand the municipality to allow increased energy distribution to homes in the rest of the town. Bulk purchases of energy are still below NatGrid rates, and would save residents hundreds of dollars. Cheaper energy would also boost property values for the entire town.
As I said, I can see both sides of the argument.

Time to stir the pot, and play devil's advocate:

Do we really need two separate police forces? Separate governments? Zoning boards? Garbage pickup? And yes, even - school districts? Would a broader municipal government and municipal electric be a better choice for residents? Would combining Solvay and Westhill high schools into a larger comprehensive district improve education to all within the town borders?

Wouldn't we save taxes, reduce governmental redunancy, and decrease energy costs for all?

Deeper questions: Would Solvay School District residents share their muni power with the rest of the town in order to meld the district into Westhill? Is this even possible? Would Westhill school district residents welcome their classic rivals into the district in order to raise education levels? Would anyone be willing to cede power to streamline the government, save taxes, and pursue consolidation?

My guess is none of this will take place. But it will at least get people to start thinking outside the box. People in the village need to start thinking seriously about what they would want out of the deal. There must be something worth having the rest of the town included in muni power. You have powerful bargaining chip. Is it worth not taking advantage of it to say, "we have it, you can't and that's just the way it is"? For residents outside of the village, what would we be willing to spend or do to get the muni power? Should we not still provide some incentive to stay within the Solvay borders for residents and potential homeowners?

Now that I have gotten everyone fired up... Start firing away.

New Local Business in Solvay -- Euro Delicatessen

The Euro Delicatessen is located at the corner of Milton and Cogswell at the bottom of the hill. I have seen the Grand Opening sign as I made my commute into work, and had to stop in. My wife and I were greeted at the door by the owner, who was extremely nice and gave us the tour of the place. I am not sure if it is a family business or not (I didn't ask) but all 3 people working were very helpful and happy to have some new customers. They asked me to spread the word and handed me a few flyers to pass out:

(click to enlarge)

This is the best way I know to pass them out to people in the area. This trio of Ukrainians offer a authentic trip to an Eastern European Deli. Smoked meats, fresh bread, shelves filled with imported beverages and juices. We went with the smoked bacon and smoked ham (canadian bacon) as well as pelmini (meat-filled pierogies). My wife also picked up some imported tea. The shelves were stocked full, and offered quite a selection. The "tasting" that is mentioned in the P.S. of the flyer was an interesting "corn nectar drink" which tasted like a delicious honey beverage. The deli was set up for hot items which the owner promised would come soon, and he also mentioned that the upstairs overlooking the rail line would eventually be open with tables to enjoy sandwiches after purchase. The smoked salmon was a quick sell out, and I was sad that I missed it. I will be back in for a few more items soon.

I cooked up the Pelmini tonight and served it with sour cream. Delicious! I highly recommend a trip to the Euro Deli. It is a taste of Europe in our backyard.

Support our new neighbors as they get their business up and running. Can't wait for the hot food.

Leave a comment with your experience at the Euro Deli, and let others in on this place. If your heading over there, print this out, and let them know their neighbors are supporting them.