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Monday, January 16, 2006

Development Opportunity #3

Yes, I know it's not technically in Geddes, but it is the southern gateway to Geddes. This miserable barely standing piece of "architecture":

The "house" and the brownfield that surrounds it needs to be bulldozed over and redeveloped. Why isn't this property valuable land? It is passed daily by thousands of cars, and must be zoned commercial, no? What about a small mixed use plaza with a coffee/internet shop, hair dresser/barber, and small retail? Add a few jobs to the local economy, and a few services that residents wouldn't have to bike, drive or walk very far to get to - sounds good to me!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From what I know of this property is, it has already been sold to
Mark Antony and they are developing this in to a small strip plaza. The Taunton FD is suppose to "practice" on burning
this property but that was supposed to happen at the beginning of the year.

10:11 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

From what I hear. The Taunton Fire Dept. will be burning it down at the end of Feb. The only Pratice they could do with it was to cut hole in the roof due to the house only being a shell.I also hear the somebody is going to build a small strip plaza there

11:25 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you speak of business or
economic development, and look for
positive town input, you go into
shock when you read neighbors west
chat line. Lakeland has opportunity to support new dairy
store, but the NIMBY's come out
to say who needs it? Apartments
were large holes filled in, and
NIMBY's went to work, what looks
so great about closed resturant?
If water park takes off over Town
border, what will NIMBY's say?

4:56 PM

Anonymous sean said...

man, am i glad to see you get all over this place. we're abbott's lovers, and over there all the time, and always wondered what the deal is with that house. i worry a little about a strip plaza there ... the wonderful thing about taunton is that it still holds onto a bit of a rural feel; it's as much a gateway to the open lands to the west as it is a gateway to the city.

- sean

1:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's gone! Drove by on Tuesday afternoon and it's been torn down. Good riddance!

4:22 PM

Blogger baloghblog said...

I snapped a few pics of the razed site and I will post soon! Good riddance!

6:27 PM


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