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Monday, December 26, 2005

Took the Christmas Holiday off, now I'm back

(long exposure on the Christmas tree)

Looking forward to 2006 and expanding coverage on geddesblog. Looking forward to getting more exposure and reader input as well. I could spout on for days on end, but it's much more fun and educational with feedback from readers. I would like especially to hear from local business owners big or small, as always my email is geddesblog [at] yahoo [dot] com.

What I am working on for next year:

Interviews with the newly elected councilors to the Geddes Town Board - including what their hopes and visions are for the future of our neighborhood.

More local business reviews and information on what services and products are available to you locally. (Remember to support your neighbors and shop local!)

2006 will provide many tax incentives for switching to renewable sources of energy and hybrid technology for cars on the state and federal level. I will be posting on how you will be able to save money while living a more "green" and sustainable lifestyle.

I will be putting more pressure on the local officials to update the Town of Geddes website, including posting the minutes and agendas of the town board meetings and planning board. This information is public record and should be distributed to the community in a timely manner. The local officials should be encouraging more participation at meetings and letting people know what is up for discussion would do just that. (The last, and only, available meeting agenda is from August 9th, 2005.)

Again any input on what else you would like to see here would be appreciated.


Blogger Colucci4Change said...

I agree that the Geddes town website is lacking - we need to have people attending the meetings & bringing up the website everytime!

8:31 PM

Blogger baloghblog said...

I agree and will bring it up at the first meeting in 2006.

I wish more people would attend. It is only 1 hour out of your month!

8:08 AM

Anonymous NYCO said...

I am still interested in posting about Geddes Brook; I am working on finding some folks to interview about that.

9:39 AM


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