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Friday, December 09, 2005

Ask Jerry at Syracuse.com

Jerry Rosen from Neighbors West:

There won't be a 99 Restaurant built at West Genesee Street and Vanida Drive in Camillus.

A covered pile of something sits at the southeast corner of Armstrong Road and State Fair Boulevard.

The old Agway garden store is down at West Genesee Street and Hinsdale Road in Camillus. And the abandoned building at Terry and Fay roads is looking sadder.

I'll tell you about all of those issues in this edition of "Ask Jerry."

And if anyone out there has a tough question about what's going on in the western suburbs nothing about proving there's life on Mars or how to factor a quadratic equation see if you can stump me.

Check out his article (CLICK HERE FOR LINK) for the latest news in what is next for development in the Camillus/Geddes area.

I'd love to hear some development info on the two aforementioned "development opportunities" mentioned HERE or HERE.


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