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Thursday, December 01, 2005

3 local businesses to check out this holiday shopping weekend

I picked 3 of the many small businesses in Geddes, out of the many to choose from, this week from the Solvay side of town. Next week I'll post a few from the West Genesee Corridor.

They are 3 owner operated businesses, that I propose to venture into this weekend or upcoming week.

#1: The Book Cellar
1701 Milton Ave

I love independent bookstores, and the selection that they carry. I like the service and the suggestions, and even the smell of a good bookstore. I am not sure of the exact number of times that I have driven by this corner while heading somewhere else, but I am sure that it was quite a few. Books make a great holiday gift for kids and adults. Sure the plastic toy, or new sweater is a big hit under the tree, but the gift of a book lasts much longer and can be handed down or lent to a family member or friend. Give a book to your friends with children to relax to, after the hustle and bustle of the holiday is over with. Or, just buy yourself that book you've been checking out on Amazon, but buy it from this local store owner and support your neighbor. UPDATE: Just stopped in to the book cellar. It is slightly different then I supposed, when I peered in the window the other morning. It is a used book store, that has plenty (I mean plenty) of used books in paperback form. And, if you are into romance novels, this is the place for you! Not so much a "gift" kind of store, but a wide range of books and a large selection of novels to peruse through. Visit the store just for a glance at the old marble countertops, and behind the scenes look at a 1900's hotel restaurant.

#2: The Doust Gallery
1007 Cogswell Avenue (at Trump St.)

Again another place I pass by, this time 5 days a week. Open on weekends, this place is a great place to buy your gifts. Stop in and find a gift for that person who likes to decorate or find something for your own house. (I have to admit, this is my wife's territory.) Find something unique for the one that you love at the Doust Gallery.

#3. Eva's European Sweets - Polish Restaurant
1305 Milton Avenue

Finish off your shopping with a trip to Eva's. Here you'll find Polish specialties, deserts, and for the more modest eater there is traditional American fare like sandwiches, and burgers. If you're like me, you'll go for the kielbasa and pierogies. Others go for the cabbage rolls. Everyone ends up with desert! Stop by for a snack or a meal. Or if you're in a rush, grab a homemade desert to go. Here is a LINK TO THEIR MENU. (closed Sundays)

Support your local businesses this holiday season. Stop in to these stores and see what they have to offer. Print this page out by clicking HERE and then print on your web browser. Here is a MAP for you as well.

When you come back from shopping, or eating at Eva's, drop back in to geddesblog and let us know how your experience was.


Anonymous NYCO said...

Ah, so that's where Doust went! (I knew they were down there somewhere) Sure do miss them here in Fairmount where they were for eons.

8:25 PM

Blogger phil said...

Ahhh..Eva's! The warm green bean salad, goulash and a side of potato/farmer's cheese pierogies.

My Polish wife and in-laws enjoy Eva's, and they're the best Polish cooks in the world!

SMACZNEGO! (tasty!)

12:53 AM

Blogger baloghblog said...

I'll have to try the goulash, haven't had it there yet. I'll see if the Poles can do as good of a job with it as the Hungarians!

I do love those pierogies.

I'll feel happy if at least one person other than me goes to these establishments. Sometimes you just need a reminder of how nice it can be to skip the chain stores/restaurants, and shop/eat at somewhere small, intimate and close to you.

7:39 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always thought I hated Polish food and then I tried the Bigo's at Eva's. I definitely be back for more. My only regret was I didn't try any of the deserts that apparently put Eva's on the map in the first place.

12:00 PM


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