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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Who would have guessed?

geddesblog has attracted nearly its 100th unique visitor in 2 days. Thanks to all of you for stopping over here from the Syracuse.com Neighbors West Forum. I hope that you consider bookmarking this site and stopping back from time to time.

I welcome input from all sources and all sides of the political spectrum. I wouldn't like to dissuade anyone from posting a comment here, or sending me any idea for future topics.

The email address for items related to this blog is geddesblog [at] yahoo [dot] com. Just replace the @ and the . in the email. (posting full email addresses tends to invite spam emails) I'll put it in the sidebar for future reference.

If there are any small business owners that visit this site within Geddes or Fairmount. Please contact me. I would love to talk to you, and I am very pro-local business.

Again feel free to leave your comments or opinions on this blog.


Blogger baloghblog said...

as you can see by the counter on the right sidebar, we are up over 330 pageloads to date from 200(!) unique visitors.

Glad to see such a good response.

4:53 PM


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