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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Development opportunity #1

I pass this eyesore on my way to work everyday:

(Cogswell and Milton Ave)

Late last year, the site was fortunately levelled (it was a jumbled mess of broken foundations previously), and readied for development. Since that time, it has sat unoccupied. It seems to me to be a very good location for a mixed use building (commercial and residential), or for a Byrne Dairy Store. It is a highly travelled route, as people cut down the hill on Cogswell to 690 and the fairgrounds, or for the many that drive up or down Milton Ave each day. There are many homes within a 6 block radius, that would provide pedestrian traffic in warmer seasons, and the location is on a Centro bus route.

I am hoping for a Byrne Dairy store, as this location is within walking distance from my house, albeit an athletic one. A local grocery store in this area to provide the staples would be an attractive asset to the residents of solvay, and would help reduce traffic and car use along West Genesee St. Again, walkability is something that I believe is key to the future of the Geddes area.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this blog is a Great Idea! it all starts out great, but like all opportunity to hide behind "anonymous" most ideas will be backed by political adgenda with very little substance.

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