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Friday, December 02, 2005

Development opportunity #2

Don't even get me started about what used to occupy this space prior to the Pep Boys Automotive that was in and out of their faster than one of their oil changes. I loved the old Genesee Theater, and still can remember the sticky feeling on my shoes to this day. China Pavillion was in the rear of the theater, and dinner and a movie were always a good date. (Hey I was in high school, chinese food and a cheapie movie were a big deal back in those days!) Yeah it was cold in the winter, and the movies were a few weeks past their prime, but the place had character. All you have to do is look to the newly renovated Palace Theatre in Eastwood to see what the Genesee could have become too.

Never-the-less, the Genesee closed it's doors on Sept 16th, 1996. Pep Boys did the same 3 years later in 1999. Can you believe this building has sat here for 6 years without a tenant? Pep Boys should be sued, and as a repayment for the community, have to dig up every brick and sticky floor tile from the landfill and rebuild that theater. (on second thought, maybe someone should just redevelop that area - heh heh)

What would be the best re-use for this building or section of Westvale plaza? Any ideas? I personally believe that there are plenty of car repair shops in Geddes and with 2 other car parts stores up the street, we have our fill of those as well. We need someone to think big on this one and come up with an attractive solution to this problem. I can't take another 6 years of staring at this awful empty big box reminder of the theater that I used to love.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Horrible loss. So pointless. As I recall, the theater owners wanted to stay, but the property owner would have none of it. I knew exactly what was going to happen; the Pep Boys wasn't going to last 2 years, and it didn't.

I don't remember the sticky floors so much as the waterstains on the ceiling, the cool glowing blue clock, and the awesome in-theater bathrooms at the back of the auditorium where, as I recall, sometimes you could get away with hiding in between shows if you just HAD to see "Benji" again.

I keep wondering whatever happened to that clock.

5:13 PM

Blogger baloghblog said...

You're helping to clarify a lot of those old memories. Hopefully they removed that clock before demolition.

I still think we need to do something with that space/building.

9:13 AM

Blogger LuceLu said...

Years ago, my mother had an astrology/metaphysical shop in Geddes Plaza and my little brother and I say "It's Alive" at the Geddes Theatre and spent our allowances at the Benjamin Franklin Five and Dime.

Later, when we lived in the area, I remember the theater getting knocked down for the ugly Pep Boys store which added NOTHING for the residents in the neighborhoods. Now Naturthyme has left too.

Some ideas that I think would do well: an urgent care center, an indoor playground like reball (paintless paintball), internet cafe, Blockbuster (or other) video, or a videogame shop.


7:36 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:36 PM


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