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Monday, December 05, 2005

Local stores visited this weekend. A review.

I posted a sort of challenge to Geddes and Fairmount residents to go to 3 local stores this weekend. My wife and I headed out on Saturday and did just that. Here is a short review of our experience.

#1. The Doust Gallery
This tiny shop on the top of Cogswell Ave in Solvay is packed with great gift items for Christmas. Chock full of ornaments, decorations, Irish gifts, wreaths, and Christmas cards. The owner was working and was very nice and helpful. She told us that she moved to Solvay about 3 years ago, after having her business in the Eckert Plaza in Fairmount for 30+ years. The prices were very reasonable, and we ended up purchasing a present for my mother there, and an ornament for our tree. I think that my wife will be heading back next weekend, having had her eye on a present for our friends and her mother. I highly recommend a stop there next weekend, if you weren't able to make it out there this week.
#2. Eva's European Sweets
I have to admit, we were hungry, so we skipped the bookstore and went straight to lunch at Eva's. They were just unpacking the Christmas decorations, and opening up their doors for the day. We came at the right time, because soon the place was filling up with patrons, coming in out of the cold. We had great service, and the food was prepared quickly. My wife had the ham, cheese and chopped bacon sandwich with a pickle. I opted for the goulash and dumplings, with sauerkraut. Both were delicious. The goulash, authentic and hearty on a cold winter day. Although full, we had to purchase dessert to go, and we both picked a creamy looking chocolate swirled cheesecake - that was delicious later on. It was great to see a true family business with mother in the kitchen and daughter unpacking the ornaments. The one wall filled with newspaper reports and reviews, and a few awards as well. It was nice to go back to Eva's after an extended absence. I have the feeling well be back again soon. (This time for potato pancakes and pierogies!)
#3. The Book Cellar
We didn't end up making any purchases at the book cellar, not for a lack of selection, though. The shelves were stocked in 2 rooms filled with used books of all genres and authors. (We had already splurged on an ornament for ourselves, so we had to keep shopping for others.) There was a huge section of romance novels, so if that is your thing, look no further. The owner was talking to a customer when we came in, so I didn't get the chance to talk to her and get any background on the business. The store is set in an old restaurant in the first floor of what used to be (is?) a old hotel. All of the old fixtures, marble counter tops, even an old cash register were there. Walking into the back room, you could almost imagine the short order cooks serving up their fare thru the window, to the waitress and on to your table. The rooms were magnificent, and we could picture a beautiful coffee shop/reading room supplementing the books there. Stop here before or after the holidays to pick up a used book to snuggle in with in front of the fire.
Anyone else go to these or any other local business worth mentioning? Just click on comments and let us know about your local shopping experience.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like your blog! mentioned it on the dining forum at syr.com (because you wrote about Eva's) good luck!

12:09 PM

Blogger Jim said...

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1:04 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Very nice work! I like the blog and I like the strategy of "three places". I have a community blog called Cazenovia Pilot and I've linked to you. I see you have ecoCNY on your list - that's another great local one.

1:05 PM


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