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Thursday, February 02, 2006

New Local Business in Solvay -- Euro Delicatessen

The Euro Delicatessen is located at the corner of Milton and Cogswell at the bottom of the hill. I have seen the Grand Opening sign as I made my commute into work, and had to stop in. My wife and I were greeted at the door by the owner, who was extremely nice and gave us the tour of the place. I am not sure if it is a family business or not (I didn't ask) but all 3 people working were very helpful and happy to have some new customers. They asked me to spread the word and handed me a few flyers to pass out:

(click to enlarge)

This is the best way I know to pass them out to people in the area. This trio of Ukrainians offer a authentic trip to an Eastern European Deli. Smoked meats, fresh bread, shelves filled with imported beverages and juices. We went with the smoked bacon and smoked ham (canadian bacon) as well as pelmini (meat-filled pierogies). My wife also picked up some imported tea. The shelves were stocked full, and offered quite a selection. The "tasting" that is mentioned in the P.S. of the flyer was an interesting "corn nectar drink" which tasted like a delicious honey beverage. The deli was set up for hot items which the owner promised would come soon, and he also mentioned that the upstairs overlooking the rail line would eventually be open with tables to enjoy sandwiches after purchase. The smoked salmon was a quick sell out, and I was sad that I missed it. I will be back in for a few more items soon.

I cooked up the Pelmini tonight and served it with sour cream. Delicious! I highly recommend a trip to the Euro Deli. It is a taste of Europe in our backyard.

Support our new neighbors as they get their business up and running. Can't wait for the hot food.

Leave a comment with your experience at the Euro Deli, and let others in on this place. If your heading over there, print this out, and let them know their neighbors are supporting them.


Blogger phil said...

Thanks for the tip, We'll definitely be checking them out. We miss the Milky Bar restaurantslglr that used to be in the small plaza next to the Westvale Plaza. My family's Eastern European jones is currently serviced by Eva's and the European Meats deli on Wilbur Ave.

11:36 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

welcome all new business, now lets all take time to stop by and support this merchant.

1:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

whats happening with pass and seymore site being cleared in solvay?

3:19 PM


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