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Friday, October 06, 2006

Bye Bye Walmart - Camillus, you can have her.

Inspired to post again at Geddesblog, here is a few farewell shots of the old Walmart in Fairmount:

I can't wait for Target, hopefully the building that they put in is reminiscent of their Fayetteville store, and looks less "big-boxish".

...though the environmentalist in me wonders why the heck they couldn't have retrofitted the Walmart to suit their needs and just put a new facade on the building. Seems like a tremendous waste of time, energy and materials...

Called out - Kirst is a Mindreader...

As I toured the far end of Terry Rd. this morning, I saw a beautiful sight: an OPEN sign in neon, and newly painted parking stripes on the lot of the newest "geddes" area development. Renee's Salon is the first tenant of the new commercial building that occupies the land that this used to stand on:

Now I didn't have my camera at the ready, so I'll have to swing by there and grab a comparison pic tonight. What a turn around though. And to see it come to fruition has been wonderful. A dump turned into an oasis.

I've been thinking about leasing one of the spots in there and opening up a coffee shop, and small book store. What do you think? Worth the investment? Would you stop in for a cup of fair-trade coffee, free wi-fi with any purchase, and a small collection of books to peruse and purchase? Speaking of investments, any angel investors out there with some start up money? (heh heh).

I agree with Sean, the stone work and landscaping really works for me too.

Like I said, pics later.


[View from the road]

[up close - Mrs. B loves the little flower cart!]

What a difference, huh? I am excited to see what fills in the other shops. I think that this building should be a big hit overall, and has brightened Taunton Corners.