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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Not to fear, the Geddes blog is not dead...

I was just overstretched for a period of time, and trying to keep up writing for 3 blogs, work full time, and have a life was becoming a little difficult.

Look for updates soon.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Questions for the Super.
By the way, nice switch from a sleeveless t-shirt to a tie and jacket, which I might ad make us look like Larry, Curly, & Moe..... actually kind of fitting.

I've been to maybe 4-5 meetings this year, and thru random conversations with fellow "Geddites", Why is the dog catcher the highest paid person in that building.... WHEN HE'S NEVER IN THE BUILDING? How about this.... sit in the office you were hired to sit in... when the phone rings and that one lone dog out there becomes a problem, hop in the truck, run out there and work that whopper off. Then come back and hold that chair down. Thruthfully now.... how many dogs can there be running around the old Pass & Seymour parking lot, garage sales, his fathers front yard, or better yet.... McFriggin' Donalds? I'd love to see the gas bill on that one!

AND, why is there also part time dog catcher, when the full time dog catcher isn't busy enough?

AND, just how long are the employee breaks.... I drive down the road in the morning to my appointments and looks like Maxwell and his groupies out at the table..... an hour, sometime longer when I'm going back up though.... still out there. Or, on my way to Med Center West, they're down at Solvay Diner! Before I retired we had 15 minutes!

AND, I hear muffled ramblings from the center, who did something stupid enough for the need of an ethics comity?

11:52 PM


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